Be a Harbinger of Trust
in the new Ecosystem

With Traceability, Verifiability & Integrity of your ESG data across Your Value Chain

ESG is fast emerging as the dominant operating principle and performance yardstick for most enterprises in the new economy powered by multi-party, networked ecosystems , that have been built to create and distribute value globally and locally. But these very networked ecosystems have also posed as a daunting obstacle for enterprises in being able to capture, measure and manage metrics that are indicators of their ESG performance. Since 80-90% of the ESG footprint of an enterprise lies outside its organization in their supply chains, enterprises also grapple with lack of data and lack of verifiable proofs of data from their supply chain partners. This contributes to the existing perceivable trust deficit in self-reported ESG data – which in turn further worsens the impression of ‘greenwashing’ that already exists amongst their key stakeholders including customers, investors, employees, and regulators.

Copperwire helps address these very challenges with a truly next-generation ESG traceability and Reporting solution that helps track and trace hitherto hard-to-get ESG data from across your supply chain – from your suppliers, transporters, distributors, consultants and other service providers – all at a granular level and with verifiable proofs to give you the trusted data foundation to build your ESG journey on.

Trusted Data is the Guiderail for Your ESG Journey


Getting access to ESG data from across your value chain is the single biggest challenge all enterprises face when it comes to ESG data traceability & reporting. Copperwire provides a decentralized ledger with multi-modal data capture mechanisms to enable all participants within your value chain to share relevant ESG data with full security and privacy controls, while avoiding the many challenges of direct database integrations.


Trust in data is only as good as the verifiable proofs it comes with. Copperwire captures the proofs behind every ESG data submitted and assigns a ‘Trust Score’ based on multiple attributes including observability, completeness, accuracy, consistency, recency, the method of data capture, and associated cryptographic proofs recorded and verified on blockchain. This verifiability of data will serve as an important metric of trust in ESG reporting.


In order to make your ESG reporting trusted in the eyes of your key stakeholders - your customers, employees, regulators, partners, you need to provide direct, configured access to relevant data and reports for each of these constituents with the highest level of integrity assurance. While Copperwire helps you report per prevailing standards, we also provide report and data verifiability and validation via private/public blockchain protocols to all your constituents.

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