Gain deep visibility

Across all tiers of your supply chain

Multi-tier supply chain visibility

Copperwire enables deep visibility of your supply chain across all tiers. Manufacturers get verifiable proof of key business data such as capacity, availability, inventory, quality, as well as other operational and risk data, so they can address demand in a more predictable and trusted manner, at all times. The solution embeds the digital trust assurance technology by Copperwire Systems based on enterprise-grade blockchain applications middleware platform, to create a secure digital supply chain network that enables trusted data sharing, multi-party process and contract automation. This enables efficient, reliable, faster transmission of demand and supply signals across the network without latency and loss.

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Transparency & Trust

A hyper-connected, blockchain-enabled, secure multi-tier data network provides the layer of trust for partners across multiple tiers of your supply chain to share data confidently with the rest of the network. Further, with an actionable Digital Duplicate of their entire supply chain, manufacturers and suppliers gain instant visibility with verifiable proofs of all critical supply chain metrics to assess performance improve accountability and manage risks better across all tiers in the network. They can further use product provenance data to provide transparency and predictability for their customers and distribution partners.

Complete Supply Chain Track & Trace

Digitally track and trace all the flows including physical, informational and financial flows to gain full visibility into the location, condition, processing status, and any bottleneck across the chain of custody. With a digital trust layer, all parties share data to be in synch with each other at all times to collaborate and address exceptions in a timely manner and avoid manual reconciliation and potential contract disputes. Smart contracts with governance built-in ensure multi party processes and contracts are automated in a trusted and predicable manner to help achieve radical transparency and efficiency improvements across your supply chain.

Deep Tier Visibility

In order to be able to manage your supply chain risk and resiliency, you gain complete visibility deep into all the tiers of your supply chain. The digital trust layer provides that provides a immutable, single source of truth for all your supply chain data. With a digital Command Center, you get instant, 360-degree view of all sources of operational, reputational, geographical, financial risks and performance parameters into the deepest tiers of your supply chain. With this level of visibility and trust, you can embed the right controls to improve your resiliency.

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