CAPItalize on the Blockchain Opportunity

Developers, ISVs, startups, software businesses, and service integrators are building and scaling successful blockchain businesses on top of the Copperwire Blockchain Ecosystem. Join them to unlock the power of Copperwire’s Chain and cloud-agnostic platform. Run private, public or hybrid blockchain networks, leverage valuable new relationships and channels, business and strategic guidance, technical mentorship and resources, marketing support, and range of go-to-market opportunities.

Easy to Get Going
on any Chain or Cloud

Get started with Blockchain in just hours. Integrate with many of the leading blockchain protocols and run on any cloud - without the technical complexity.

Access the Range of
Blockchain Capabilities

Access the most comprehensive set of REST APIs that will give you instant access to capabilities required to support any enterprise blockchain use case.

Generate Differentiated
Value for Your Customers

Enable your customers to leverage blockchain within your stack, helping them improve multi-party trust, transparency, efficiency, and deploy new business models and web 3.0 initiatives.

Add Trust, Security &
Integrity Assurance to your Stack

With cryptographic security, immutability & verifiability of data, utilizing a decentralized ledger, add a whole new level of trust, security and integrity assurance to your application stack.

Drive Multi-party,
Multi-App digital collaboration

Leverage Blockchain to improve digital collaboration between multiple parties that cross enterprise boundaries, including automating processes integrating multiple apps & legacy systems.

Managed Service Reduces
Costs, and Time-to-Value

Benefit from Copperwire’s Blockchain-as-a-Managed-Service, with the full stack of capabilities with managed hosting, you can greatly reduce costs and time-to-value.

Kickstart Your Blockchain Business today

Are you looking to:

  • Embed Blockchain capabilities into your stack?
  • Build a new blockchain application?
  • Integrate with other blockchain applications?
  • Help a client build or integrate blockchain capabilities?
  • Are you looking to market and drive adoption for your blockchain applications?
Join the
Copperwire ISV Program

Become a part of the Copperwire Applications Network and get:

  • Fast blockchain-enablement
  • Managed hosting Services
  • Public/private/Hybrid cloud deployment
  • Full Technical support
  • Marketing acceleration services.

All The APIs You Will Ever Need From One Source

Record & Verify

Easily Record, verify & certify any data with immutable proofs on blockchain, create trusted digital twins, create trusted registries of any enterprise data with audit trails, reporting & more.

Track & Trace

Easily Track and trace physical, info and financial flows across your business and extended networks with full-lifecycle traceability of digital assets/ products, events, and ESG data across chains and beyond.

Automate & Govern

Automate multi-party processes, and business agreements codified within with trusted, self-executing smart contracts. Embed business policies and rules for governance, monitor for exceptions a, with Biometrics, ZKP and and automate interventions.

Tokenize & Transact

Leverage asset tokenization capabilities to fractionalize assets, implement new financing & payment models, enable multi-brand Loyalty & Gift card programs, create NFTs for enterprise use cases– all this & more via our ready-to-use APIs.

Identify & Secure

Implement Decentralized Identity Management, enable Self-Sovereign Privacy, ‘deploy secure digital wallets - combine the power of Biometrics & ZKP while integrating with ID service providers and enterprise directories.

Share & Collaborate

Securely share data in real-time across complex networks with multi-modal data capture and granular tier-aware data sharing rules, and secure access controls. Drive trusted collaboration between multiple parties with data traceability and process automation.

”Copperwire's blockchain middleware adds banking-grade security and trust to TADA's digital twin technology while also helping us unlock the spectrum of blockchain capabilities to power new collaborative digital business models within multi-party systems such as supply chains and trade networks”.

- Seshadri Guha, CEO,
TADA Cognitive Solutions
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