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Improving Blockchain Conductivity for Enterprises to run modern, trusted digital businesses

Copperwire offers the ‘Copperwire Conductor’, a cloud-based, ‘Blockchain Applications Middleware Platform’ that enables enterprises to quickly implement blockchain use cases by helping accelerate & maximize value from any blockchain protocol. We enable enterprises to improve their ‘Blockchain Conductivity’ i.e., the ability to interact with and utilize blockchain technology within their business use cases and without the technical complexity, custom development costs & risks that are plaguing many blockchain projects today.


The Copperwire Conductor has been architected primarily to enable packaged and legacy enterprise applications to leverage blockchain capabilities easily via REST in a chain and cloud-agnostic manner.

Use Cases-Driven

Enterprises can quickly blockchain-enable a variety of business use cases ranging from supply chain track & trace, trade financing, to digital assets management or NFT marketplaces, to enabling new business & financing models to compete in the digital world.


The Copperwire Conductor has been designed and architected from ground up to meet enterprise needs around integration, security, scalability and performance, to help them connect, operate and govern highly complex enterprise business ecosystems.

Advanced Data Sharing Technology

With Copperwire’s Secure Information Payload Protocol (SIPP) technology, you can create a hyper-connected multi-tier data network. This allows different modalities of real-time data-sharing that enables members across the network to effectively collaborate in a secure, trusted, & privacy-aware manner.

Integrity & Trust

The Copperwire Conductor helps build secure networks within which all data is encrypted and made immutable while enabling strong cryptographic key-based permission & access controls. All participants can confidently share data, with a new level of transparency and collaborate based on trusted smart contracts.

Enable Innovative Business Models

With the Copperwire Conductor, you can build new business that utilize tokenization to fractionalize assets and create new versatile financial instruments to enable smarter and nimbler business, financing and payment models. You can leverage a modern, flexible platform to easily build or adapt the model that suits your business.

Blockchain-enable Any Enterprise Application Or Use Case

A Comprehensive Set of Business-ready APIs to utilize any Blockchain Capability for Your Use Case

Record & Verify

Easily record, verify & certify any data with immutable proofs on blockchain, create trusted digital twins and registries of any enterprise data with audit trails, reporting & more.

Track & Trace

Easily track and trace physical, info and financial flows across your business and extended networks with full-lifecycle traceability of digital assets products, events, and ESG data across chains and beyond.

Automate & Govern

Automate multi-party processes, and business agreements codified within with trusted, self-executing smart contracts. Embed business policies and rules for governance, monitor for exceptions, with Biometrics, ZKP and automated interventions.

Tokenize & Transact

Leverage asset tokenization capabilities to fractionalize assets, implement new financing & payment models, enable multi-brand Loyalty & Gift card programs, create NFTs for enterprise use cases – all this & more via our ready-to-use APIs.

Identify & Secure

Implement Decentralized Identity Management, enable Self-Sovereign Privacy, deploy secure digital wallets - combine the power of Biometrics & ZKP while integrating with ID service providers and enterprise directories.

Share & Collaborate

Securely share data in real-time across complex networks with multi-modal data capture and granular tier-aware data sharing rules, and secure access controls. Drive trusted collaboration between multiple parties with data traceability and process automation.

Copperwire gives us end-to-end visibility across our supply chain, ensuring the authenticity and quality of our organic products, while driving new efficiencies with our partners.

- George Mathew, Head of Supply Chain Operations,
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