De-Risk Your Supply Chain

With Next-Gen Risk & Resiliency Management

Supply Chain risk & resiliency management

Copperwire in partnership with TADA Cognitive Solution offers an advanced solution that digitally connects all supply chain network participants and integrates all the relevant internal and external data from across and beyond your supply chain to give you the cognitive insights to assess and predict risks better across your entire supply chain. This combined with digital trust assurance technology that's powered by a chain-agnostic enterprise-grade blockchain applications middleware platform by Copperwire Systems, you get a trusted view of all risk data with verifiable proof, so you can reliably assess the various risk parameters across your supply chain. You can can also automate multi-party processes and contracts and enable new business models that bring greater resiliency in the event of disruptions.

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360º Risk Assessment

Continuously assess risk factors to gain complete visibility of supply chain vulnerabilities and potential disruptions. Integrate data from multiple external and internal data to get an informed view of the various sources of operational, geo-political, regulatory financial and other risks that affect partners across all tiers. All this data is reliably shared via a blockchain-enabled data network. Further Risk management dashboards with alerts and notifications give you the visibility into risk at all times.

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Conduct detailed profiling of all your suppliers and distributors with a blockchain-enabled trusted supplier registry and track contract performance closely to predict and proactively address potential risks. With complete visibility into sources of internal & external risks across all tiers, you can set processes, smart contracts and overall supply chain governance structure in place to facilitate, automate and accelerate responses and interventions to significantly mitigate risks across your supply chain.

Multi-Tier Resiliency

Despite all the precautions and the risk mitigation steps you take, there are instances when you could be blindsided by some event like the pandemic or catastrophe or regulatory changes that may impose a heightened level of risk on some part of or your entire supply chain. With complete digitalization of your supply chain combined with advanced security and smart contract functionality, you can reliably revert to s table state very quickly and also minimize the damage or costs that you may incur from the disruption event.

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