Harmony via unified orchestration

‘Conduct’ Perfectly Coordinated Supply Chains

Unified supply chain orchestration

Copperwire in partnership with TADA Cognitive Solutions helps you create a unified Digital Duplicate of your entire supply chain by using advanced neuro-synaptic technologies that builds an integrated digital model upon which, you can leverage a suite of pre-engineered supply chain applications that can address all your orchestration needs. This combined with digital trust assurance technology that's powered by a chain-agnostic enterprise-grade blockchain applications middleware platform by Copperwire Systems, you have a reliable, trusted solution digital supply chain network that ensures the security and integrity of all your supply chain flows.

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Trusted Digital Representation

A hyper-connected, blockchain-enabled, secure multi-tier data network provides the layer of trust for partners across multiple tiers of your supply chain to share data confidently with the rest of the network. Further, with an actionable Digital Duplicate of their entire supply chain, manufacturers and suppliers gain instant visibility with verifiable proofs of all critical supply chain metrics to assess performance improve accountability and manage risks better across all tiers in the network. They can further use product provenance data to provide transparency and predictability for their customers and distribution partners.

Unified Digital Orchestration

Over 36 integrated, pre-built supply chain application modules out-of-the-box that include supplier network management, supply chain orchestration, risk & resiliency management capabilities. The solution operates on top of a unified Digital Duplicate and help drive collaboration & unified orchestration across the supply chain network. With track and trace, IOT integration and trusted automation built-in, you can finally orchestrate perfectly coordinated supply chains.

Digital Command Center

A central Digital Command Center provides you with a perfect vantage point to view all aspects of your supply chain operations. You get all the key analysis and insightful, interactive reports with alerts and notifications delivered to your dashboard. Semantic modeling combined with infinite, flexible, navigation enabled at the synaptic network level, you can quickly traverse information across any dimensions and measures to make faster& smarter supply chain decisions.

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