Digital Assets Traceability

Enabling Trust, Traceability and Tradability for Digital Assets

Trusted Digital Twins of Assets

Create authentic Non-Fungible ‘Trusted Digital Twins’ of your assets (incl. products), embedded with all the data re: identity, uniqueness, ownership, life history and the governing rules as smart contracts to drive asset trust, traceability & tradability – essential attributes for full-lifecycle Digital Asset Management.

Asset Traceability

Create trusted registries which hold the golden record of truth about all your assets in an immutable, transparent and auditable manner. You can track and trace all the details and events across their lifecycle with full traceability & verifiable proofs- in real-time.

Asset Tradability

Tokenize assets as NFTs to enable enterprise use cases for fractional ownership, improve liquidity, create new investment or financing options, improve tradability or explore the exciting new partner collaboration and customer experience models for your brand in the digital, web3.0 and metaverse era.


Digital assets require strict governance to ensure its integrity across its lifecycle. You can embed the business logic and rules that govern the creation and management of these assets and the ownership and transaction rules via trusted multi-party smart contracts.

Built-in Security & Trust

Enable banking-grade security, privacy and integrity for all your digital assets. With blockchain enablement, you can make all your assets data encrypted, traceable and tamper-proof with cryptographic security.

Power New Business Models

Trusted digital twins, tokenization, security and automation provide many exciting possibilities for enabling new business and financing and customer experience models. You can also facilitate faster transactions with reduced administrative burden.

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